We are excited to annouce our Alpharetta office, located at 11975 Morris Road, Suite 210, Alpharetta, Georgia is NOW OPEN!

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Words from our patients

  • 5 star

    "Dr K was very thorough. All of the staff were friendly and very helpful"

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    "Consistent, comprehensive quality health care! We have entrusted our family's care to Dr. Pandya for many years. Dr. Pandya and her team are very thorough."

    Danette G.
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    "It is worth being taken care of by an awesome staff, knowledgeable doctors, and being aware that they provide high quality medical attention."

    Hannah P.
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    "I love Dr. Pandya and her office. The staff are very friendly, professional, and helpful. She is my PCP and I highly recommend her to others!"

    Abigail P.
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    "I love Dr. Pandya and the other physicians at this office! All of my coworkers and family members go to this clinic. I highly recommend!"

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    "Dr. Pandya has been my doctor for roughly ten years and I absolutely love her and her staff. She as well as her staff are very thorough, kind, and attentive."

    Karen M.
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    "Dr. Pandya is the best most caring doctor I've ever had. If you are looking for a great physician try the Pandya Medical Center."

    Helen R.
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    "Dr. Pandya has been my doctor for about nine years. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and sweet. Her office staff is great."

    Miriam P.
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    "I love this practice!! They are always so nice. I have never called and not have someone answer very quickly."

    Marytanila P.
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    "Dr. Pandya is an awesome general practitioner and women's health doctor. My visit did not feel rushed and she really educates her patients so they understand."

    Holly B.
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    "I have been to Dr. Pandya's office four times now. Make an appointment with Dr. Pandya."

    Rowan M.
  • 5 star

    "Wonderful Practice, Dr is understanding, compassionate, and extremely knowledable. She takes time with her patients & is truly a Blessing!!!"

    Jacqueline R.
  • 5 star

    At this visit everything went well and I’m pleased with how I was treated

    Giovanni F.
  • Google

    I am a patient of Dr. Abi. She is the only doctor I have ever seen that truly listens and hears you. She treats you like any doctor should, with dignity grace and respect

    Ashley G.
  • 5 star

    Pandya Medical center where you are not just any other patient. Dr. Kostanjevec was absolutely outstanding as a care provider. She is highly knowledgeable and really care

    Melanie M.
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    It's great to work with Emily Huffman because she is not just about the surface. She really cares about what could be causing a problem and providing the right solution.

    Nicole R.
  • 5 star

    Dr Pandya spent time with me to explain medical options, and answered all my questions. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Karen D.
  • Google

    The ENTIRE staff was helpful and caring!!! Dr. Shairoz Patel, PA-C is very knowledgeable and I am beyond excited I can call this my new Dr's office in 2021!

    Christol D.
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    I speak very highly of Dr. Morrison as he is very knowledgeable, attentive and gives excellent patient care.

    Audrey S.
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    We have been with Dr. Pandya for over 10 years. Her practice has grown dramatically but her care and attentiveness have remained constant and high quality. We trust her.

    Joseph L.
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    Dr. always greets her patients with a smile and is always attentive to their needs. She deserves an A+ for both bedside manners and professionalism.

    Melahat Z.