Shairoz Patel, PA-C

Shairoz Patel, PA

Undergraduate: Emory University, Dean’s list

PA school: University of Alabama at Birmingham, receiving honors as a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Eta Honor societies.

I feel passionately about primary care because it really is a building block for a patient’s well-being. Growing up, my parents always said, “prevention is better than cure” and it’s rewarding to actually practice this every single day with my patients, bringing them closer and closer to their optimal health in all stages of life. Because of this motto, I believe in taking the time to do a thorough work-up to find the root cause versus a short-term solution.

Love to travel in this frontierless world and find niches around the world which reflect some form of my identity, whether that form is in building new relationships with locals of Africa or taking authentic cooking classes in Thailand. Each adventure has enabled me to become more tolerant and embrace the pluralism around us. More recently, we have enjoyed exposing our toddler to this beautiful world. We also love watching our daughter grow through various milestones and discovering herself each day. When not traveling, we love running 5Ks to support local charities and foundations and also spending endless time with our dearest family and friends.